About Metal Detecting

There’s an unbelievable amount of treasure under the ground just waiting to be discovered.

Throughout history, armies have invaded the British Isles and the resulting wars, battles and skirmishes have resulted in countless valuables and the remains of war being scattered on the ground only to disappear below the surface.

For many years people would bury their valuables to keep them safe, and often they went to their graves with the knowledge of the secret place where the loot was hidden.

Then there are everyday accidental losses, a broken bracelet, coins that fall from the pocket, a ring which slips off a finger. Imagine this happening somewhere every day multiplied by millions of people over the thousands of years since metal was invented.

There's no shortage of things left to be discovered and more and more treasures are being unearthed by metal detectives every year. The fascination of finding things is what it tells us about our history and for the lucky few their find can be of immense value.
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