Detecting with Bill

I have always been interested in archaeology and early cultures and when I bought a manor house in Suffolk in 1968 I kept finding fragments in the grounds which inspired my interest even more. In the early 1990ís I brought my first C.Scope metal detector and this helped me uncover the site of a Roman homestead. Iíve been a serious detecting enthusiast ever since and was delighted when my daughter Katie showed an interest in the hobby.

It was the problem I had in getting a suitable metal detector for my daughter that led me to contact C.Scope directly to discover if together we could develop a lightweight, easy to use metal detector suitable to newcomers to detecting of all ages that still delivered serious treasure finding performance.

The Bill Wyman Signature Detector is the result of our two year long collaboration. Itís a product Iím really proud of as I was involved in every stage of its design and development and in our field trials I have been delighted with its ease of use and high performance.

I hope you will enjoy many hours of detecting and get the treasure hunting Ďbugí just like me.


When Iím detecting I really enjoy the peace and quiet of being out in the fields; the fresh air, hearing the birds sing and all the exercise.

In all, Iíve found hundreds of coins going back to Roman Britain, as well as blades from 3,000 years ago. Iíve also found gold coins from the 1300ís which are worth £1,000 each. But Iím not interested in their monetary value, itís the history thatís important to me. After Iíve been out metal detecting I come home with my pockets full, wash the finds, spread them out to dry and begin to wonder what they all are. Then I can invent my own stories about how a particular coin or brooch came to be in that field. Detecting makes history so much more interesting Ė itís a great hobby.

Find out more about Billís treasure detecting adventures in his book
Bill Wymanís Treasure Islands
published by Sutton.
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