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All metal detectors are variations on the same theme and rely on electromagnetic principles to work. When you pass an alternating electrical current through a coil, a magnetic field is created. This coil is known as the transmit coil. A second coil, known as the receive coil, is positioned within this magnetic field. Any piece of metal that comes within the vicinity of the magnetic field will cause a distortion of the field. It is this distortion that the second coil is tuned to detect.
It is an advanced implementation of these principles which lie at the heart of the Bill Wyman Signature Detector.
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There are no technical controls and you can use the Bill Wyman signature detector straight from the box. To start detecting, simply remove the metal detector from its packaging, switch on and twist the dial to a suitably sensitive setting. A little trial and error in familiar surroundings with objects you know to be metal will help you famiiarise yourself fully with the sensitivity settings.
Set the site selector control according to the ground conditions – either inland or beach. This metal detector excels on ground conditions where many more expensive metal detectors struggle.
Peak performance is maintained by occasionally depressing the retune control.
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The Bill Wyman Signature Metal Detector is child’s play to use but does this mean that it is not a ‘serious’ piece of kit?
Absolutely not. Although competitively priced to attract newcomers to metal detecting, and being lightweight and easy to use the Bill Wyman Signature Detector contains hi-tech features found in much more expensive ‘professional’ kit. This is possible because the Bill Wyman Signature detector is brought to you by C.Scope – one of the world’s leading detecting technology companies and the manufacturer of many professional level metal detectors. The Bill Wyman Signature Detector is simply everything you need to get started in metal detecting.
At up to what depth can the Bill Wyman Signature Detector detect metal objects?
Depth of detection is not the most important part of metal detector performance. Some people seem to believe that the deeper you go, the more treasure you will find. This is absolutely NOT TRUE! The deeper you go, the less treasure is to be found. Just think about it a moment. Imagine that whilst out riding his horse, 500 years ago, a wealthy nobleman loses a valuable gold chain. It falls into the long grass and sinks further into the mud over the centuries. Eventually the ground is cultivated and turned over every year by the ploughshare. That valuable gold chain is going to end up on average about 10 inches down, and well within the range of a medium to high range metal detector. Pocketfuls of lost change and everyday artifacts from a thousand years ago will be found just below the surface of the ground, up to about 6 inches down depending on the soil type. Even big treasures buried long ago with the intention of keeping them safe, are usually no more than 3 feet down, but, because they consist of quite a mass of metal, they are a large target, again well within the range of any good metal detector.
Needless to say, the Bill Wyman Signature Detector has more than enough range and power to detect metal objects of all sizes.
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