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Lightweight yet robust and fully featured, the Bill Wyman Signature Detector has been designed for complete ease of use by new metal detectorists and treasure hunters of all ages. It incorporates all the latest developments in location technology that you might find in much more expensive equipment.
Control box
Lightweight, robust. Micro-electronics latest technology ‘non-motion’ search system.
On/Off/sensitivity Control
Switch on, twist to the recommended setting, start detecting. Could you start out on the road to successful detecting any easier than that?
Push-button Retune Control
Press to retune for maximum sensitivity. That’s really all you have to do to maintain peak performance. SMART electronics do the rest.
Site Selector Control
Set according to site ground conditions. The Bill Wyman signature detector excels on ground conditions where many more expensive metal detectors struggle.
Headphone Socket
Mini jack socket for headphones. Easier to discern weak signals. Keeps your ears warm too!
Clear tone with audio target analysis. Less time wasted digging up rubbish.
Battery Compartment
Neat drop in battery connections for an alkaline 9 volt PP3 battery (type MN1604 or 6LR61). Maximum power, lightweight.
15cm ISOCON Search head. The business end of the metal detector. Unique design. Highly durable and waterproof.
Supports the upper arm for perfect balance and control of the search head motion. Rear struts stop the metal detector rolling into the mud when you put the metal detector down and start digging.
Stem length adjustment
Twistlock connector separates stem for transport or adjusts length. Children can easily manage this metal detector. No worries.
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