Billís Metal Detecting Tips

First, I suggest that you join a metal detecting or treasure hunting club. You will learn a lot more, a lot quicker, from other club members then you would by yourself! You will also find new friends, share your finds, and get support for the hobby. You will find treasures if you're really looking. But don't expect to find good stuff only, you will find lots of rubbish and there's just no way to get around it. When we come back from a day of detecting, expect that 60 to 80% of what we have found goes right back into the bin. However, a lot of what you find depends on where you go and how much you know about your metal detector.

By doing research and studying your local history, you will find spots that others have never hit, and most likely, the targets are only a few inches under your coil. Then once you get used to telling your signals apart, you'll be able to identify and find even more treasure.

The best place to use your first metal detector is on a beach, and just dig everything till you learn the different types of signals. Don't start in an area that is so overloaded with signals it drives you crazy. Take my advice and practice on a beach or field, or even better, your own garden.

If you know of someplace that has been well hunted or overhunted, try detecting it after a big rain when the ground is soaked. The wet ground has more conductivity, and you may find deeper stuff. Also, after a hard winter, the ground shifts after it thaws, so there are now targets where there wasn't any last year when you detected there. Go back and check your old turf again.

Always cover your holes even on the beaches, so people that are walking or jogging don't twist their ankle, because they rarely look where they're going! Always take the rubbish you dig up with you. A lot of times when we get home and go through our rubbish we discover things we thought were rubbish but in fact arenít.

There are many ways of finding new spots. You don't even have to go to the library. The Internet has grown a lot for the past few years, and new sites are popping up everywhere. All you have to do is go to your favorite search engine and type "History of ..." your village or town and see what comes up. A little bit of reading, and you're on the way to some new spots.Another way is to find some old pictures or postcards. Most old postcards have a picture of a significant place, like parks, casinos, important buildings and beaches. But of course, if that is not enough, and you have the time, you could pay a visit to the library and dig up some old dusty books and maps.
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