Top Treasure Finds

This Edward III Gold Double Florin was found by a metal detectorist in the south of the country. Issued in 1343, it is only the third example to be found (the other 2 are in the British Museum), so it is the only one in private hands. The coin was auctioned by Spinks and achieved a record-breaking price.

Cliff Bradshaw found this Bronze Age Gold Cup in a field near Sandwich. Even in its mangled condition it was a tremendously important and sold for 170,000 shared with the landowner on whose property the find was made.

The Winchester hoard, which included 1kg of intricate gold jewellery, found in 2000 by retired florist Kevan Halls. Archaeologists were fascinated - they were Roman-made but predated the invasion of Britain.

The Staffordshire Moorlands Pan found in 2003 is a rare example of a bronze vessel bearing the names of forts along Hadrian's Wall, possibly as some sort of souvenir.

The Hoxne hoard - 15,000 gold and silver Roman coins, many in good condition - found in Suffolk in 1992 by Eric Lawes.

A silver Roman coin dating from 271AD found in Chalgrove in Oxfordshire recently proved the existence of the little-known emperor Domitianus, or Domitian II. The only other coin bearing his image was found in France and had been thought to be a fake until the British find.

Detectorist Peter Adams found two copper brooches in Cumbria in 2004 which led archaeologists to the bodies of four men and two women dating from the 10th century, alongside weapons, spurs, jewellery and a drinking horn. On its discovery, it was hailed as England's only known Viking burial ground.

Viking silver
A twisted silver rod, 21 bracelets and a single heavy silver ingot was found in the remains of an old lead box by Steve Reynoldson in a field in Cheshire. He and the landowner shared a 28,000 reward.

Gold sword and garnets
Last month, the British Museum acquired a 7th-century gold sword hilt with a pommel studded with large garnets after a metal detectorist took it wrapped in kitchen roll paper to his local finds liaison officer. The detectorist is expected to share the 125,000 reward with the landowner.
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